The French Cheese Paradox

There is something with France, well there is a lot with France that attract us as visitors and our attention in general. Among the latter is the French Cheese Paradox. Originally it was the French paradox, and still is, but lately something called the French cheese paradox has also appeared on the radar.

The French Cheese Paradox

The French paradox is why are all French so healthy in spite of drinking a lot of wine, cooking with oil and so on. Well, wine is generally good for you, even though scientists argue pro and con, so I don’t think we’ve reached the big final answer yet. Then the oil, but also the vegetables. They use olive oil of course, a lot of fish and light meat like chicken and veal. That’s good for you.

Persille de Malzieu – blue Ewe’s milk cheese

Blue cheese

But then, what I have chosen to call the French cheese paradox appeared. First related to blue cheese. And they have a lot of it. Not just Roquefort. Scientists, I even think they were from Britain, found a correlation between eating blue cheese and good health. The French are eating a lot of blue cheese, they’re making a lot of blue cheese as well. Some called just a name like Roquefort, some called Bleu de and and something, still others Persille(s) de….

..and then all cheese

Then recently science has come up with a theory that all cheese is good for you, and that of course underscores still more the fact that the French are so healthy. At least that is the impression. The French cheese paradox. They make a lot of cheese. They eat a lot of cheese. As it is; milk fat, when processed into a cheese, is not bad for you at all. Rather to the contrary.

Comtesse de Vichy – soft bloomy rind cheese

Goats and Ewes

They also eat a lot of cheese made from goat’s and ewe’s milk that are generally healthier than cow’s milk under any circumstance. In my country, most of the cheese consumed is from cow’s milk.

My experience

Just look at myself. Not doing a lot of exercise, drinking very moderate amounts of alcohol and mostly wine, eating more than average amounts of fish I must admit, but also a lot of cheese. And I have very low cholesterol levels. Some of that of course from the fish, but also a lot from the cheese. I am convinced; because it has not always been like that. Also have to add, I have never in my whole life smoked. These days I probably have to add: anything.

And I think that’s the secret to the low rates of cardiovascular diseases in France; called the French cheese paradox. Cirrhosis; that’s another story.

What the French drink..

Wine for the French is generally red wine. White is for aperitifs and with Chèvre.;-)

You are solely responsible for what you are eating and any consequences following thereof. A balanced diet and exercise is generally accepted as the best solution to staying healthy. This blog post is non-scientific, and only relies on some published theories quoted by the public press, a general assumption about French cardiovascular health and my personal experience. Following these ideas may not have any effect for you. Take responsibility for your own life, and don’t blame others, the government included.

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