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Here you will find information about how OSTEPERLER® processes personal information. It is the owner of OSTEPERLER AS, Jan Peter Aursnes who is responsible for processing personal information.

When using the website, you leave behind data tracks, and may submit information about yourself. Review the information below to understand how these data are used by OSTEPERLER® and why they are collected.

Norwegian actors are required to inform about such use through the Electronic Communications Act, in the so-called “cookie paragraph”:

2-7 b Using Cookies

The storage of information in the user’s communication equipment, or access to such, is not permitted without the user being informed of the information being processed, the purpose of the processing, who processes the information and has agreed to this. The first sentence does not prevent technical storage or access to information:

1: exclusively for the purpose of transferring communication in an electronic communications network
2: required to provide an information society service following the user’s explicit request.

A cookie is a text file stored in your browser when you visit a web page.

Note, however, that using cookies does not allow identification of an individual at the individual level. In other words, it is not possible to know that exactly you did a given action on the website.
Tools used on

OSTEPERLER® uses cookies and the following tools on the website:

The tools mentioned above collect information about how visitors use all the pages under the URL

Please note that it is not possible to track your personal traffic on the pages.

The data collected is used to continuously improve the website. For example, you can see which articles / posts are the most and least popular, and work targeted to highlight or improve them.
Information collected

Data collected is information about traffic and behaviour on the website Google Analytics shows, among other things, what pages are visited, how much time visitors spend on each page, which traffic sources they come from (organic search in Google, social media) and more.

The information is not shared with others.

You have the right to appeal to the Data Inspectorate if you believe the processing of your personal data is not in accordance with current regulations.

It also collects a name and email address if the reader chooses to sign up for OSTEPERLER®’s mailing list to receive newsletters and other OstePerler messages.
When you sign up for an email list

It is voluntary to disclose this information.

When you sign up for an email list, typically, the following data is stored: name, email address, IP address, time and place of sign-up, time zone and email provider, as well as other data you may be prompted to enroll when signing up. This also applies if you use a contact form or leave a comment anywhere on

You can sign up for OstePerler’s mailing list at any time, and also request that all information about you be deleted. You can do that by clicking on “UNSUBSCRIBE” at the bottom of any email from OSTEPERLER®. If you use the UNSUBSCRIBE feature, the information is sent to the email provider MailChimp. MailChimp processes data in accordance with the Privacy Act. Alternatively you can request it by sending an email to

Deletion of data

You can at any time opt out of the email list via the link that always exists at the bottom of every email sent from OSTEPERLER®. You can also contact OSTEPERLER® directly and request that all information about you be deleted.
Turn off or delete cookies

You can even turn off cookies in your browser and / or delete them. Steps vary with which browser you use, but you can figure it out by entering “delete cookies” + the name of your browser, in Google. There you’ll also find out how to turn off cookies.

By using these webpages, you agree that cookies are used as described above.
When you sign up for my email list, you agree that I can keep the information you submit (eg email address and name) for use in OSTEPERLER® (for example, by sending you email). This information is never shared with third parties, and you can opt-in at any time by clicking “UNSUBSCRIBE” in any email from OstePerler.

If you have any questions, you may contact OSTEPERLER AS at any time via email:

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