Alpine style cheese. Washed rind and matured for a minimum 12 months, but usually 15 months or more. Made of slightly skimmed cows’ milk. Weak yellow paste with compact and even texture. Mouthfilling with a nutty taste. From Avdem gardsysteri.
To drink: A Chardonnay from Jura.


A mountain cheese only made during the summer when the herd is migrated to the Jotunheimen mountain range. Cow’s milk. Every cheese is matured for at least 12 months and marked with vintage. Hard, yellow with distinct tast of salt. Barnyard aroma. Brimi sæter, Jotunheimen.
To drink: A light and fruity red wine.

Store Velten

Alpine style in most aspects of the term. Wheels at about 20 kilos, washed and rubbed and matured for a minimum of six months. This is a cheese I’ve had the pleasure to make while visiting the dairy. Fine yellow colour, firm texture with a few uneven and scattered holes. Flavour is fruity, at least when young with some sweetness. Likeable. Rueslåtten ysteri.
To drink: A white from French Jura or a fruity red. A good quality Pilsner will also pair well.

St Pål

Named after a local mountain peak. A firm, blended cheese made of cow’s and goat’s milk – half and half. Apart from the milk and the size, it it quite similar to Store Velten. Washed and rubbed rind. Matured for a minimum of six months. Light yellow colour. Fine and mild flavour with distinct dairy tones.
To drink: A mature white from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, such as mature Sancerre or Puilly Fumé.


Authentic Gouda from Skarrbo gård just outside the small town of Holmestrand. Raw, organic cows’ milk from their own herd. Small production, so it might be hard to get outside the local area. From semi firm to firm depending on age. Pronounced taste, mild but very mouthfilling. Not the typical gouda sweetness here, it is more toned down and elegant. A well made Gouda.
To drink: A maure chardonnay, mature champagne, but also a fruity and elegant red.

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