In-house cheese courses

Do your employees need to refresh their cheese knowledge, or do they need to learn more about cheese? Maybe prepped in advance of a campaign or a season? Then a in-house cheese course may be the thing, and I can definitely help you.

The course can be general or it can be about specific cheeses. We can go through everything from how cheese is made, aroma and taste of course, what pairs well and not least stories associated with the cheese or cheeses. All so that you and the staff can give better advice to customers or guests if you run a restaurant or bar serving cheese. The more the employees know and are able to use their knowledge when talking with he customers, the more they sell. Customers and guests want information and stories – so give it to them!

I say when I hold an in-store demo, that everyone who wants a small cheese seminar get it – and the customers love it. Then I also sell quite a lot of cheese when I do a demo. So much for the bragging.

The point is that the best thing imaginable is employees in a cheese department, a sales force or in a restaurant who can and are interested in their profession and the products they’re selling. It shows and the word spreads to customers or guests.

You can probably count on a few hours, but that requires that there are not too many cheeses.

I adapt to the time and place that suits you.

Share your cheese knowledge
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