Semi firm



This is four kilo wheel matured for at least four months. Light red-yellowish rind and pale yellow paste with only a very few scattered small holes. Fine mild taste.

Mor Åse
To drink: Mor Åse and Fjelldronning pirs well with Cabernet Franc based reds.


Derringarden spesial

A semi firm washed rind cheese with a mild taste. Any beginner’s dream.


A semi firm, slightly matured washed rind rind cheese well well worth trying out.
To drink: An unoaked Chardonnay or a mild and fruity red. A NV standard Champagne will also do.



Traditional semi firm cow’s milk cheese, cave aged at the farm. Farmstead raw milk cheese aged from 8 to 12 months. Sweetish and nutty taste with a juicy texture.
To drink: This cheese has no problems negotiating a full bodied red wine. But I would prefer the elegance of a red Burgundy or a white from the same area.



Exotic this dairy, almost as far north east as you can get i Norway, right on the Russian border.
A Gouda style summer fresh semi firm cheese from raw cow’s milk. Matured for three months. Pale yellow paste, compact texture. Somewhat dry in the mouth but very tasteful in spite of just three months maturing.

Tomé Pasvik

Another semi firm cheese from the same farm dairy. Recipe from southern Europe made from arctic milk. Fine character with hints of spice. Pale yellow, compact paste without any holes. A thin, but hard rind, grey but with a multitude of other colours. Non edible, but very decorative. Both these cheeses will do well with some freshly baked bread, country butter and a glass of wine.
To drink: A fruity red from the Beaujolais, Loire, Veneto or, as always, a Chardonnay of European origin. I’ve even had Riesling, and it was a delight.


Lord Garvagh

A raw cow’s milk cheese from partly Jerseys and partly the very Norwegian breeds Telemark and Norwegian Red Cattle (NRF). Mountain cheese coming in wheels of approximately 2 kilos. Semi firm texture. Lord Garvagh was one these British Lords that came to Norway every summer for salmon fishing in the rivers, hunting or just rambling the mountains. Originally from the Londonderry county. Built his own stone chalet that is still there in the Hallingdal mountain range. Washed rind cheese as most mountain cheeses. Matured for at least six to eight weeks but often longer. A very delicate cheese that is at its best if matured a little longer than two months.
To drink: A fruity red wine, or as always; a dry white from the chardonnay grape.


A raw milk cheese made of a blend of cow’s and goat’s milk. Semi firm. Flavour is mild. In my opinion best after two to four months ageing. Very likeable. With fresh country bread. Also melts well. You might well want to cut off the rind.



Organic, raw, semi firm cow’s milk cheese. Vikabråten makes cheese from the milk of three cows of the breed Dølafe which is a local Norwegian breed. Total annual volume is about 480 kilos.
Semi firm paste with a few scattered holes. Rind is a little sticky. Mild flavour. easy to like this cheese.
To drink: A fresh white or a fruity red.



Voll was the first farmstead cheese maker in Norway to be authorised for making cheese of raw milk. A former farmer now solely cheese maker with milk supplied from his own farm, run by his son. Raclette style cheese, one rather young, matured three to seven months, with a very fruity flavour and an other variety, aged for eigth to twelve months. Very agreeable cheese.
To drink: A good Chardonnay wine.

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