Customer events

Customer events is an important part of any company’s marketing and sales strategy. However, most in-house arrangements happen after normal office hours, or at least in the afternoon. In that case your customers need a transition activity; they need to land and establish some kind of rapport, before you can take them through whatever is on your agenda.

That’s when OstePerler comes in handy. We’ll take your customers through an easy going hour with four different cheeses and two glasses of wine – a red and a white. Alternatively non-alcoholic drinks, of course. A bit of tasting and and some facts and fun facts.

All set for tasting and speaking at Norwegian insurance company.

If you have any special requirements, we’ll try our best to arrange for that. Could be that requires some extra time and effort.
If you have a canteen with all the equipment you could wish for, we will make use of that, if at all possible. If not we will bring along whatever we need.

All in all, we are very flexible and adaptable to whatever surroundings we are offered.

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