An organic, raw blue cheese made in two varieties, one of cow’s milk and the other is a blend between cow’s and goat’s milk. The former is the most common. About two kilos. Grindal is a farm dairy, so the cheese is hand made and cave matured. Flavour is strong.
To drink: A Sauternes will pair well with Råblå as will Pineau des Charantes.


The starting point is the same as Råblå so they are born twins, but after an initial whle in the maturing room what is destined to beacome Blåkoll is removed and further rmatured at a cooler temperature for about a year which is at least four months longer than for Råblå. A suitable amount of sweetness and nuttiness, firm  and crumbly texture. Made during winter and always come as a limited edition.Flavour is strong.
To drink: A Sauternes will pair well as will Pineau des Charantes.


Hitra blå

Blue cheese from raw cow’s milk. Strong flavour with a distinct acidity.
To drink: A Tawny, or what about Allegrini Recioto della Valpolicella Classico? Wonderful wine.


Blå Kjerringøy

Northern Norway, just north of Bodø where Knut Hamsun used to live and wrote some of his famous novels.
Blå Kjerringøy is a blue cheese made from organic and unpasteurized cow’s milk. Very farmstead. Pale yellow paste with only a few blue veins. Wonderful dark and somewhat sticky rind. Fine balanced taste where the salt is very well integrated.
To drink: A German white, Kabinet quality. If red is the only thing, try Italian Amarone.



Blue cheese made of raw, organic cow’s milk at Norway’s first urban small scale dairy. Strong flavour and perhaps somewhat advanced for some. Clearly defines blue veins, otherwisw moderately molded. Crumbly texture, but creamy once you take a bite. Buttery flavour and some sweetness. If you are sentitive to it; you may find a hint of bitterness at the end. Matured for three months.
To drink: A opulent cheese cries for a sweet wine. That could be a SGN (Sélection de grains nobles) from Alsace, or Bru-Baché Jurançon la Quintessence from the departement of Pyrénées-Atlantiques in south west France, for example.

Just for the record; blå means blue.

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