Washed rind



Konrad is a washed rind, organic cheese made with raw cow’s milk. Matured in their own cellar for six weeks and under way washed with Konrads Stout beer from a local brewery. Somewhat opulent smell, but flavour is soft and mild. Comes in wheels of about 1.2 to 1.5  kilos.
To drink: If in Norway, you should of course pair it with Konrads Stout from Lervig Aktiebryggeri. If wine is your only alternative, try a red, east side Bordeaux, or a northern Burgundy.


Konrad’s brother. Washed rind this as well, but just brine. Made of raw, organic cow’s milk and matured for at least six weeks. Rind is towards pink. Inspired by St Nectaire. Comes in wheels of 1.2 to 1.5 kilos.
To drink: A fruity red.



Like the cheese Abbaye de Citeaux, Munkeby is a Reblochon style soft cheese made from raw cow’s milk delivered to the monastery by some neighbouring farmers. Brother Joel was responsible for the cheese making at Abbaye de Citeaux before he moved to Norway. Soft and silky taste of milk. A very fine cheese.
To drink: A light and fruity red, or a trappist beer. A white from the Jura or Burgundy also becomes this cheese well.

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