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When in Oslo, a few delis to visit:


At Majorstuen you should visit Fromagerie. A wide selection og cheese and trimmings.
Valkyriegata 9
0366 OSLO

Phone: +47 22 60 19 95

Gutta på Haugen

Gutta på Haugen is an old fashioned everything gourmet shop. At St. Hanshaugen. Also a branch at Mathallen; mostly Italian.
And while you are there, Java, a must try coffee shop next door. One of Oslo’s oldest – and best.
Ullevålsveien 45
0171 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 60 85 12

Mathallen VULKAN

Oslo’s food hall. Ideal for lunch and shopping all those goodies. Not so local though.

Maridalsveien 13-17
0178 Oslo


Åpent bakeri

Probably the best bread in the city. Outlets here and there, but my favorite and local is at
Damplass 24
0852 OSLO
Phone: +47 22 04 96 67
Homepage: www.å


Colonialen Fetevarer

Exciting place to go for your delis. Two outlets; Strandgaten 18 which is downtown and Paradisleitet 1, Paradis. Direction Nestun that is.

Phone: 55 90 16 00
Home page: Colonialen


Helmersen delikatesser

The place to hunt delis if you are in Tromsø.

Storgata 66,
9008 Tromsø

Phone: 77 65 40 50



Stavanger’s Deli with capital D. A lot of cheese and other goodies. Three outlets, the newest right across from the cathedral.

Ostehuset Domkirkeplassen, by the cathedral
Ostehuset Øst, Ryfylkegata 30, 4014 STAVANGER
Ostehuset Hinna, Jåttåvågveien 12, 4020 STAVANGER

Phone: 51 86 40 10
Home page:

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