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One of the fine things with France is that there are good cheese shops almost everywhere. You just have to look around. Here is a few I have visited.

L’Artisan du Lait

In the midst of Paris (9. arrondissement). A tiny cheese shop run by three very knowledgeable enthusiasts; Alex, Ruben and Mélanie, who even are all fluent in English. No supermarket size here, a range of about a hundred various cheeses, where more than 90 % are farmstead raw milk cheeses. Here you’ll find specialty cheeses few others have. In addition they offer other delicious food. Well worth a visit. If you plan to bring back home some cheese, they will pack it for you in solid plastic bags and lightly vacuum it so the cheese will not be crushed. And you avoid the smell in your hotel room and on the plane.

70 Rue Blanche
75009 Paris
Phone: +33 1 73 77 87 18
No web page, but they do have a Facebook page.

La Cave aux Fromages

In Reims in the Champagne region you’ll find a hidden gem of a cheese shop called Les Caves aux Fromages. If in the area, pay a visit!
2 Place du Forum
51100 Reims

Phone : +33 326478305


La Fromagerie Saint-Nicolas

A city I am very fond of; Colmar in Alsace. A city and area well worth a visit for its sights, wine and food and of course a decent cheese shop. Munster is a must buy here..
18 Rue Saint Nicholas,
68000 Colmar

Phone: +33 389249045


Alain Hess

Most People visit Beaune for the famous wines. I am willing to pay this charming small city a visit for their cheese shop as well. A wide selection of cheese and charcuterie. Has even invented their own cheese; Le Délice de Pommard.
Alain Hess
7 Place Carnot
Phone: +33 380247351
Homepage: Fromagerie Alain Hess


There are two cheese shops down town Saumur, and I have visited them both. They are actually quite close. Saumur is a very pleasant town with narrow streets, a church by the town square worth visiting and of course the palace throning above the town the the river Loire. Some fine restaurants as well with local food and wine.

La Fromagerie du Puits Neuf

A very intimate cheese shop with a wide selection of cheese. Chèvre of course, but a lot of others as well. Well worth a visit. Centrally, behind the town hall.
18 Rue du Puits Neuf,
49400 Saumur
Telefon: +33 2 41 67 57 23
No web site, but they do have a Facebook page

Fromagerie d’Anjou

Inside a small and rather boring shopping mall that seems almost abandoned. Could not find the shop at once, so I almost gave in, but if you enter from the town Square it is there right inside. Almost on its own. The selection is fine though even if the surroundings are rather sterile. The cheese on display is what count, no use asking for anything else. If it’s not on display they don’t have it. If you need some Comté while in the Loire, this is the place to go.

Rue du Marché
49400 Saumur
Phone: +33 9 53 17 11 38
Web site: Fromagerie d’Anjou

Fruitière du Plateau Arboisien

In the Jura this. The outlet of the local cooperative dairy, but a fair cheese shop anyway. Mostly local, but also a range outside tehir own products. But this is an area rich in famous cheese, so not to worry. They also have Saucisse de Morteau so get one of those as well.Use it for a Tartiflette when you arrive home.
1 Rue de Fossés
39600 Arbois
Phone: +33 3 84 66 09 71
Web site: Comte-Arbois

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