Ost og vin

Min greie er ost og vin, derfor vil mine forslag stort sett dreie seg om vin til ost, men du står selvsagt fritt i å velge noe annet. Drikker jeg ikke vin til osten, så velger jeg som oftest en kopp god te. Da er det sort te med melk som gjelder for min del.
Når det gjelder vin er det både din ost og din vin, så du drikker det du synes er best. Når det er sagt så er det noen viner som passer bedre til ost en andre og noen kombinasjoner du helst skal unngå. Hver gang jeg anbefaler en vin til en ost, så er det fordi jeg synes det passer. Kanskje kommer både vin og ost fra samme sted, det er sjelden feil, eller så er det egenskaper ved begge som gjør at de går godt sammen. Noen ganger er jeg spesifikk, mens andre ganger er jeg mer generell. Hvis du ikke er helt vinnerd så kan de generelle anbefalingene være en fin ledetråd.

Chèvre from Beaujolais

Galette du Beaujolais – chèvre from Beaujolais

For my part, I think it comes a lot of good from Beaujolais. Most famous are probably the wines and I definitely have a taste for them, even if I stay away from Beaujolais Nouveau. The hysterical times are over. But it was fun. Recently, however, I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with chèvre from Beaujolais. So if most beaujolais wines, but not all of them, are light and fruity, then in return they are chèvres from the region that has come my way, not at all. On the contrary. Quite striking. Even though the first cheese I got was so rammed that all the hair on me stood straight out, and I have tasted a little of each, it went in return to the affineur, and a new supply was sent. Milder and in good condition, but with a clear and distinct message that there is character.

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Crottin de Chavignol fried in bacon fat

Bought a little cheese yesterday. Nothing much, a piece of Brillat-Savarin and a chèvre that we shared between us last night. The Brilliat-Savarin was on my daughter’s demand; excellent as always. On of few pasteurized cheeses I really enjoy. The Chèvre, slightly dry as expected and finely balanced. For breakfast this morning I had it; Crottin de Chavignol fried in bacon fat. What a pleasant surprise. Chèvre is a very friendly cheese to put in the oven, on the grill or as I did, fried in bacon fat in a frying pan. You really should try it.

A twist for the better?

Just as you know, I did not eat it with the bacon, not need for that 🙂 Warm Chèvre expresses quite other flavors than served natural. Of course, the fat added a pleasant note to the cheese. For the better. Not saying the cheese needs it, Crottin de Chavignol is excellent as it is. But every now and then a twist is for the better.

On toast

Have it on a toast, you can of course fry the slice of bread in the same fat as the cheese, but it might be a bit hefty. So perhaps better to just put the bread in the toaster, or on the grill.

To drink

With this there is nothing better than a good cup of tea. Assam with a touch of milk. At least if you have the little treat for breakfast. Otherwise a good Sancerre will do. Crottin de Chavignol and Sancerre are from the same area, so that usually works.

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