Brie Le Fougerus

Perhaps not one of the most famous of the Bries, which one is that, by the way? But still a Brie. A real Brie, bloomy rind and all, not all of Brie style cheeses are Brie, though. Brie Le Fougerus is a real Brie. Made from raw cow’s milk. Artisanal. It all started out with a family that made cheese for their own home consumption. Abut a hundred years ago they started selling it. Which they still do.

Smaller than the biggies

It is much smaller than Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun that probably are both considerably more well known around the world. 650 grams and a diameter of only 16 cm. No need to buy halves. It is definitely from the right area, is unpasteurized as said, but has no AOP or AOC protection. It might come. Or not.

Brie le Fougerus
Brie le Fougerus

Bought in Denmark

My piece was bought in Denmark, they’re closer to Europe. That must be the reason, because I have never seen this fine breed here on the outskirts of Europe. A pity really, because it has some real Brie taste. Not that it is pungent, not at all. Just that it fills your mouth with taste, lasting taste. And if you compare it to the general industrially manufactured and pasteurized so-called bries, you understand what I mean. Not that I want you to spend your money on some soulless crap just for the comparison. But if you are in the explorative mood, go ahead! Decorated with a fern leaf, so it stands out. The fern leaf is just for decoration, mind you, well could be it leaves a foot print, so to speak, but I think it is mostly decoration. Remove it.

To drink

Keep it simple; try one of the great French reds. Bordeaux, Burgundy or northern Rhône. Mature ones. And yes, a great white Burgundy works just wonderful as well, as usual of course.

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