Unlock Your Future – The Key to a Fulfilling Life

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Boken Unlock Your Future – The Key to a Fulfilling Life handler om hvordan blinke ut en ny retning i livet ditt, dersom du skulle ha behov for det; og ikke minst få gjort noe med det. Boken er på engelsk, men er ganske lettlest. 144 sider. Hardcover.

Jeg setter så ufattelig pris på boken din Unlock Your Future. Du har dessuten en slik forfriskende stil å skrive på. Gratulerer!
Jill Keane Hutchison, Perth, Australia

Jeg leser boken din , og jeg må bare la deg få vite at jeg elsker den – et mesterverk. Jeg anbefaler den til alle mine kolleger og forretningsforbindelser. Takk!
Kari Dalen, Eier av KJ Lifestyle, Fredrikstad

Jan Peter har definitivt gjort hjemmeleksen sin, og det synes. Unlock Your Future har gjort meg målløs. Jan Peters kjappe og enkle tilnærming til et formålsfyllt og lidenskapelig liv blir brettet ut I boken. Bare følg hans fotspor og la deg overraske over resultatene. Vel verdt investeringen I deg selv!
Deborah Skye King
 Forfatter av “Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose” Talk Show Host og Top Internet E-Success Coach, Toronto Canada

«Anyone who has ever achieved anything has taken great risks.» (p. 66). And Jan Peter Aursnes is living proof of what happens, as if by pure serendipity, when one steps into the Unknown with faith, persistence and an unshakable dream: adventure, success and happily for us all, a brilliant book telling us how he did it – and that we can do it, too. Jan Peter’s book has a clarity and warmth that immediately engage the seeker. He tackles the hard questions with answers that genuinely encourage and inspire. He reminds us consistently that we each hold the power in every moment to create or re-design our destiny. I felt built up by his book, revitalized with heightened awareness each time I’ve turned to it in a moment of inquiry or indecision. «Challenges are opportunities to grow.» (p. 62) Jan Peter has masterfully conquered the challenge of writing a fresh, awareness-raising book about the synergistic dynamics of discovering and living one’s purpose fully, and becoming a more alive, awake person. The nobility and spark in Jan Peter’s writing jump out at once. You will have FUN journeying through this book, for it is your journey with Jan Peter holding the lantern, and you will return to it again and again!»
Dorothy J. Papadakos Composer & Playwright, Wilmington NC

Unlock Your Future is a valuable book. It is inspiring, consolidates some of the greatest thinking on self-development and is written with great humility. For anyone who is seeking to develop themselves to a better life, this is a great starting place.
Chris Cooper, Founder CC1 Consulting Ltd and Be More Achieve More, Leicestershire, UK

Reading Jan Peter Aursnes’ book, Unlock your Future, didn’t just inspire me to get better, but it made me put a next action to everything in my life and business that matters. Taking action was threaded in this book. I now have a crystal clear picture of what purpose, vision, and goals mean and the significance that each plays. I wanted to really get great results and this book led to my immediate determination to set aside a couple of days of visualization and planning time and I put a “next action” against everything I am doing. I feel this book took lots of little weights off my back and energized me to move forward in a very focused, calm, and creative way toward my goals. It brought order and excitement back to my world.
Thank you. I really LOVE your book and it was great timing for me to read it when I did.
Angela Fredrich, Owner PROACTU, Hypoluxo Florida


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