Stellar matches

The Alsatian Munster and Gewürztraminer is a classic combination. The cheese is often served with a dash of cumin.

Roquefort and a good bottle of Sauternes is classic. No need for anything else.

Chèvre and preferably Sancerre, but an unoaked Sauvignon blanc will also do. Classic. Perhaps some honey as well?

Camembert and the apple brandy Calvados is for the bold. With cider from Normandy it is a classic. A slice of fresh Country bread as well.

Brie and cherries is just simple, but excellent.

Stilton and Tawny Port is a (Christmas) classic. Well, a mature Vintage Port is even better.

The pungent Epoisses and Marc de Bourgogne is for the daring and so is Cheshire cheese or Isle of Mull with Single Malt Whisky.

Comté and Vin Jaune is a classic, at least in the Jura. Vin Jaune (Yellow wine) is an oxidized wine so perhaps the style is somewhat unfamiliar. But the combination is outstanding.

Gouda and Amontillado sherry is perhaps not a classic, but even so a fine combination. But it has to be a proper and mature Gouda, such as Wilde Weide.

Cheese and Bread

I prefer bread with cheese. Not so fond of crackers, and especially not the salty ones or with some other flavoring. For a cheese board I would serve bread; either a French baguette or a pain de campagne or some fruit and nut bread.
Here are some other fine combinations:
Brie and a fresh baguette
Blue cheese and walnut bread
Blue cheese and ginger bread for Christmas
Chèvre and olive bread
Limburger and rye bread
Emmentaler and pain de campagne (country style bread)
Sulguni and kartolipuri (Georgian cheese and bread, as served in Tbilisi)
Also for Christmas; ginger bread and the Norwegian brown cheese, preferably from goat milk (Geitost). And a cup of good tea.

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