It’s a Shame

My wife has been in San Francisco, CA, all week. Returning tomorrow and not allowed to bring back as much as an iota of cheese. It’s a shame. If you travel within EU/EEC you can bring back anything you like of the sort, as long as it does not exceed 10 kilos. That’s a lot of cheese. That’s why so many Norwegians go to Sweden for their grocery shopping. It’s much cheaper there. Having said that; the Swedes go to Denmark, the Danes to Germany and the Germans to Poland for the same reasons. And the Poles? They come to Norway to work. No shopping.

it's a shame
Excellent American cheese, even though it’s pasteurized

Les mer

All American Cheese

It just so happened that one of my local purveyors of fine cheese announced the arrival of some American cheese. From no less than Jasper Hill Farm. This is a rare occasion worth celebrating. Being a European we have more than enough cheese to dig into, but then there are some artisan American cheeses that really is worth savouring.

American cheese?

I think most Europeans are pretty ignorant when it comes to American cheese. All the more important that we get introduced to some of the real gems. Philadelphia is the most famous American cheese around here. American brand rather, just as the Jarlsberg is more of a Norwegian brand, a strong one though, than a Norwegian cheese.

Cellars of Jasper Hill

Direct from Greensboro, Vermont, USA there came Bayley Hazen Blue and Harbison. The first from unpasteurised cows milk, and a cheese that truly belongs to this blog. Te other one, Harbison, from pasteurised cows milk, and as such not really something I deal a lot with. But alas, it is a good one.

No need to exclude it, taste is more important than anything, in my opinion at least. And this is a good cheese.

Raw-Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

Having said that though, this Saturday is Raw-Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. 18th April that is. Make it an opportunity to savor some unpasteurised cheese, of any kind really. Well, not all my readers have that opportunity, but still there are possibilities. Se your local cheesemonger, they will help you out.