Sommersnø – new Norwegian chèvre style cheese

Sommersnø, new Norwegian cheese from Lofoten ysteri

Been looking for this one for a short wile, without being able to track it down. I salute more chèvre style cheeses are being made in Norway, so Sommernø is most welcome. As far as I know this is the latest addition to the family coming from Vestvågøy in the oh so exotic Lofoten islands up north. The farm is right before the narrow road ends by Unstad beach. The North Atlantic next.

I am not saying we have a lot of chèvre style cheeses in Norway, but we’re slowly getting there.

Sommersnø, fine rind with blue rosettes.


The cheese has a fine off-white Geotrichum rind, easily detected by the wrinkles. Furthermore, the paste is slightly runny just underneath the rind. You find out when you cut the cheese. It is rather common for this type of cheese, especially if thew Geotricum is running kind of wild. It is charming in my opinion. I got hold of two cheeses and I notice a few blue rosettes on the rind of one of them. If you think that is scary, I cab assure you not to worry. French affineures will work hard to make them grow, buy the way. The paste is white, typical for goat milk cheeses.The name Sommersnø means “summer snow” by the way. A very appropriate name, but give me some chills as I am not that fond of winter and snow.

Tasting and pairing

Mild and gentle flavour, milk, fine acidity as often is the case for these rathe fresh goat milk cheeses. Pleasantly salted, it is there but it does not dominate. This is a typical Sauvignon blanc cheese if you’re in for a glass of wine. it is a Dutch family running the farm and dairy, so perhaps Genever is a suitable accompaniment?

Small production?

I do not know exactly, but I believe the production of this cheese is rather small, so it’s rather exclusive. After all they have other cheeses to make as well and not hoards of goats. Consequently it might be hard to get, or it was just me having a hard time getting hold of it. Worth looking for, though.

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