A few Pleasing Valentine Cheeses to impress your date

valentine cheeses
Langres med litt brød og et glass champagne, kanskje? Foto: Jez Timms via Unsplash

Valentine Cheeses to look for

Happy Valentine 💓 Perhaps a little late, but if you’re rill going to serve valentine cheeses on a first date today, then you’re something of a geek, or you’re pretty certain about your date’s preferences. The latter could of course be the case. For me, having been married for more that 20 years, I know my wife’s likes and dislikes. Champagne is absolutely OK, but I think the cheese has to be part a selection of tapas. Pure cheese is too much my job for her to be any romantic. So which cheese would be included? Not the ordinary tapas cheeses, some of them are excellent and others dull. Manchego for instance can be anything from magnificent to pretty dull. So we have to come up with something more exciting. Like Langres for example. Easily recognisable from the well on the top and and yellow colour, not to mention the wrinkled rind. Most of them are small, perfect size to share between two.

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Brillat Savarin – A hearty cheese for a snowy winter’s day

brillat savarin

It’s snowing outside. I am not a winter person. January and February are the worst two months of the year, in my opinion that is. Usually they’re cold, but most of all they’re dark. Event though I do not particularly like snow it does lighten up the darkness. It’s on such days as today, not to mention if you have a broken heart or something, Brillat Savarin is the perfect comfort cheese. It’s almost minus 10 degrees centigrade outside and as I said, snowing. The other thing is that this cheese works well with a glass of red wine – a fruity one, with body though. No oak or tannins. There you go, out searching for cheese and wine. I love white wines, but right now the weather is a bit too chilly for that, eagerly awaiting spring. Into March it helps, it’s not that bad after all. And February is a short month.

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Langtang Yak cheese for the adventurous turophiles

I don’t think you can expect the Langtang yak cheese to come your way. That said, this was exactly what happened to me. I have been fortunate to borrow a cheese for tasting, i.e. I can eat some of uit for tasting purposes and documentation of course and pass it on to its legitimate owner. The cheese belongs to a friend of us, who again has a friend currently residing in Nepal. So this cheese is a Christmas present.

The story behind Langtang Yak Cheese

Yak cheese
Langtang Yak cheese
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