It’s a Shame

My wife has been in San Francisco, CA, all week. Returning tomorrow and not allowed to bring back as much as an iota of cheese. It’s a shame. If you travel within EU/EEC you can bring back anything you like of the sort, as long as it does not exceed 10 kilos. That’s a lot of cheese. That’s why so many Norwegians go to Sweden for their grocery shopping. It’s much cheaper there. Having said that; the Swedes go to Denmark, the Danes to Germany and the Germans to Poland for the same reasons. And the Poles? They come to Norway to work. No shopping.

it's a shame
Excellent American cheese, even though it’s pasteurized

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Copy cats

I wonder, just a little bit, though, but I still wonder how many lawyers would sit on my back if I started to make a Mac, developed some new programming and called it Office, peanut butter called Jif, and so on, along with many of the copy cats there is in the world. It’s a huge problem in the luxury goods industry. And you can never be sure a really expensive wine is not a counterfeit.

Well, I know it is a bit different, but only a bit. What I think of is, especially the Americans and copying of cheese names. But not the only the Americans, but they seem to have the less understanding why they should not freely do so.

Brie and Camembert
Brie and Camembert

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Brie Le Fougerus

Perhaps not one of the most famous of the Bries, which one is that, by the way? But still a Brie. A real Brie, bloomy rind and all, not all of Brie style cheeses are Brie, though. Brie Le Fougerus is a real Brie. Made from raw cow’s milk. Artisanal. It all started out with a family that made cheese for their own home consumption. Abut a hundred years ago they started selling it. Which they still do.
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Scalloway Hotel

Scalloway is the former capital of Shetland, a nicely nestled haven on the west coast of the Shetland mainland. My ‘relationship’ to Scalloway is the hotel, Scalloway hotel where I have stayed only once, but this stay made its impact. It is a small, but fine hotel where they put their pride in decorating the rooms with local products and serving great Shetland food. Though not only.
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The Hidden Cheese Heaven

It could of course just be me. Even though I don’t think so. I am above average interested in cheese and was not aware of the hidden cheese heaven Portugal is. Know they make cheese here, yes, but not so much, and not that so much is from raw milk.

Hail the supermarkets

The supermarkets is full of regional raw milk cheese. Many artisan, though not all. A majority from ewe’s milk and some from cow. Goat is more rare, mostly pasteurized, even though I managed to find one raw. But there are a few blends blends with goat milk.
Ostedisk Portugal
Some of the ewe milk cheese is hard, some is firm to semi firm and quite a few are spoonable.

Portuguese spoonable ewe's milk cheese
Portuguese spoonable ewe’s milk cheese

Ewe’s milk cheese in majority

Portugal seems to be the country where production of ewe’s milk cheese is most widespread. Comes in different sizes, but they’re all rounds. Unless they are treated with oil and paprika powder the rinds are generally of beige color. Hard and non-edible. I do not know if it is a washed rind, it might seem so, but the texture is a bit plasticky.

It is hard to know if the cheese is farmstead, artisanal, cooperative or industrial. Partly because of the language of course, I do not speak portuguese, but it also seems like most of the cheese is consumed locally and therefore there is not so much need for any international sites. I need to do some more research in other words.

The best cow’s milk cheese comes from the Azores

So they make traditional firm cow’s milk cheese as well. And the best comes from the islands, which in this case is the Azores. Quite far into the Atlantic, west of Portugal. Queijo São Jorge DOP is the most famous. Comes in at least two versions; four and seven months of maturity. An alternative is the Topo Queijo curado, also from raw cow’s milk, but without the DOP certification.
I’ll come back to the actual tasting, later.

The hidden cheese heaven

Having explored the portuguese cheese marked for a good week or so, I am very positively surprised and have no doubt this is the hidden cheese heaven. So much excellent cheese, and so readily available.

To drink

I find it natural to drink a white to these cheeses, though not Vinho Verde as they are too crisp, but Duoro and Alentejo whites will work very well. Since we’re in Portugal, Port is a good choice as well. Works well with most cheese.

Crottin de Chavignol fried in bacon fat

Bought a little cheese yesterday. Nothing much, a piece of Brillat-Savarin and a chèvre that we shared between us last night. The Brilliat-Savarin was on my daughter’s demand; excellent as always. On of few pasteurized cheeses I really enjoy. The Chèvre, slightly dry as expected and finely balanced. For breakfast this morning I had it; Crottin de Chavignol fried in bacon fat. What a pleasant surprise. Chèvre is a very friendly cheese to put in the oven, on the grill or as I did, fried in bacon fat in a frying pan. You really should try it.

A twist for the better?

Just as you know, I did not eat it with the bacon, not need for that 🙂 Warm Chèvre expresses quite other flavors than served natural. Of course, the fat added a pleasant note to the cheese. For the better. Not saying the cheese needs it, Crottin de Chavignol is excellent as it is. But every now and then a twist is for the better.

[otw_shortcode_info_box border_type=»bordered» border_style=»bordered» icon_type=»general foundicon-right-arrow»]This goat milk cheese is from the Berry area of the Loire. As with most of these cheeses it tastes quite different fresh and ripe. Becomes drier with storage. Most often it is eaten young when it is moist and has a more tender taste than the stored varieties. The taste is more elegant young but with distinct goat flavor. Also possible to get a blue stain mark when it is stored for more than a month. AOP since 1976.[/otw_shortcode_info_box]On toast

Have it on a toast, you can of course fry the slice of bread in the same fat as the cheese, but it might be a bit hefty. So perhaps better to just put the bread in the toaster, or on the grill.

To drink

With this there is nothing better than a good cup of tea. Assam with a touch of milk. At least if you have the little treat for breakfast. Otherwise a good Sancerre will do. Crottin de Chavignol and Sancerre are from the same area, so that usually works.