Moelleux du Revard from the Savoie

I have a fascination for Savoie, being it Savoie or Haut-Savoie. And you’ll have to excuse me for using the original name for the regions, and not the English Savoy. It’s a wonderful area, that’s so, but more important, there is an array of excellent cheeses hailing from this area. And, would you believe, some excellent wines pairing well with the region’s cheeses. I have to admit, albeit unwillingly, that I have hardly been to the region. Well, I’ve been to Annecy and I have even played golf at the local golf course. That was sort of a roller coaster tour with a magnificent view of the Lac d’Annecy. Well, I’ve given up golf altogether. I’ve been swimming in the lac as well and spent a very peaceful 14th of July there eating crêpes. Way before my intense interest in cheese.

Annecy er en fantastisk by med kanaler og smale gater.

Annecy is an old city beautifully aligned by the shores of Lac d’Annecy. It is the capital of Haut-Savoie. A short trip from Genève, it’s about 30 kilometers. Breathtaking views from old bridges crossing deep and narrow valleys. About 50 000 people living there. A lot of tourists, especially during the summer time, but a good base for sight-seeing the area. During wintertime most people want to stay higher up in the mountain ranges in the not so picturesque alpine villages. A lot of good food in the whole area, by the way.

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