Osteperler goes back to its roots and turns English again

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Cheese buckets the old way

Osteperler started out in English as “Tasteful moments”, and cheese does absolutely represent some tasteful moments. But I changed the name as I turned the site into Norwegian with English as a partly side language. Now I plan to turn Osteperler around again writing in English with raw milk cheeses from around the world as my playground. That said, they will be mostly European as here is where we find most of the raw milk cheeses of the world. But, North America does have a fair and seemingly increasing share.

It’s been ten years since I started out, in a month or so at least so I thought it was time to make a change. That’s partly also my nature.

So what does osteperler mean, exactly? Literally speaking cheese pearls. Pearls in this context in Norwegian will probably be the same as a gem in English, so the translation would be cheese gems.

Osteperler will also be a good site for sourcing Norwegian cheese gems, up and coming as they are, twice World Cheese Awards winners, 2016 in San Sebastian and 2018 in Bergen. Very well done for a relatively young cheese nation, at least from a modern cheese making aspect. Norwegian farmstead cheese deserve a place at the international cheese platter, so my hope is to contribute to that happening, both here and physically helping the cheese makers out. Norwegian cheese is so much more than Jarlsberg, which is not a Norwegian cheese unless you buy it in Norway, and the somewhat exotic brown cheese. Jarlsberg is absolutely a Norwegian cheese brand though.

So far I have also made some videos in Norwegian, I plan to start making some in English as well. They will be posted here as appropriate, and at my YouTube channel. Thursday evenings I do a streaming, in Norwegian, and so it will be.

Want to check out a little more about me or osteperler? Go here or here.

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