Welcome to OstePerler®. About raw milk cheese. Not every cheese, I am pretty selective. So this is not a blog for the masses, more for the nerds; the connoisseurs, the happy cheese lovers, the turophiles on the look out for something special, tasty, new. These cheese gems. Made by only one farm, up in the mountains, or on the plains. But not necessarily. However, anyone is welcome here! We all have to start our cheese journey somewhere, and this is a good place!

Mostly, this blog is about European cheese simply because most raw milk cheese is European. Then I must admit I am fascinated by American cheese as well, and there are actually quite a few American raw milk cheeses. Yeah. Good ones.

If there is something you do not understand or you think is weird, a cheese you think deserves a listing or simply something cheese you are bursting to communicate; please join in the conversation.

I have nothing against pasteurized cheese and eat it quite often, but it’s just that I prefer cheese from raw milk.

Political? Not really, but I might air some views every now and then. Mostly cheese related, of course.

You will not find any paid or otherwise sponsored articles in here. A few ads are welcome, though. If you click on them, know that I earn a small amount of money. Not much, but a modest contribution to keep this blog alive.


In their guide books Lonely Planet says the following about restaurants: Good places go bad, and bad places go bankrupt. I take much pride in keeping all content of this blog correct and rightful. But as it is; it happens that raw milk cheeses switch to being termised or pasteurised. It happens cheese disappear from the market. Could be multiple reasons for that. I cannot guarantee one hundred per cent that everything in this blog is correct at all times. If I detect something wrong or misleading, I correct it without delay. If you come across something you find is wrong or misleading, please be kind enough to inform me.
I take no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of any kind that may arise from following recommendations or in any other way find yourself misled by the content of this blog. Eating cheese and anything associated with it and drinking alcoholic beverages is completely at your own risk. I also expect your are above legal age for reading about alcohol.
OSTEPERLER® is a registered trade mark for OSTEPERLER AS.

If you are pregnant I strongly advise against eating soft cheeses of any kind, washed rind cheeses and blue cheeses, irrespective of they being pasteurised or not.

OstePerler.no is not a sponsored site. All cheese mentioned is paid for by me. The views aired here are mine unless otherwise stated.

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