Trolltind from Derinngarden farmstead dairy

As it happens i cross the mountains from east to the west of Norway. Sort of in the middle there is a roadside small grocery specializing in all local and edible. A usual stop, as it was about a week ago when I passed. I bought a couple of Norwegian farmstead cheeses, one of which was Trolltind from Derinngarden dairy on the north west coast of Norway. This is an area where they are clever making cheese, and where also Kraftkar comes from. Quite a while since I tasted this as it is not well distributed, at least not in the Oslo area where I live. Derinngarden dairy makes cheese from organic raw cow’s milk provided by the 10 to 14 cows they have on the farm.

Trolltind from Derinngarden dairy, Eide på Nordmøre, Norway.

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