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Photo: Gunnar Bløndal

A warm welcome. OSTEPERLER is all abut raw milk cheese so this is a small cheese library where you can find information about a lot of different cheeses and of course the other services I offer. Now, I am based in Oslo, Norway so it could just be you are pretty far away. In that case, enjoy reading. But, by all means, get in touch if I can be of service.
I would nor say that OSTEPERLER is narrow minded, but still the topic of raw milk cheese is rather narrow. Then I’ll try to dig deeper. The site is read by quite a few, both commoners and professionals which I regard as a huge compliment.

My vision is to make as many as possible of you discover and experience all the magnificent raw milk cheeses that are out there. And many more than I am able to cover. Raw milk cheese is cheese made with no other processing that what is strictly necessary for the milk to become cheese. In addition a generous dose of concern for earth, the animals, the milk and of course finally the cheese and you as the consumer.

I sincerely hope OSTEPERLER can be an inspiration for to to adventure new cheeses, flavours and combinations that again lead to hygge, being it at your home, swith friends here or there or about and about travelling. In the meantime you can play around in here, reading stories and facts. Cheese is so versatile. It is of course farming, a craft, wheeling and dealing, even multinational industry and politics. I do not know about war, but at least peace negotiations. Amazing what some good cheese may create. And of course the aromas and flavours and, as I said the stories. many are true, but a few are not.

Want to learn more? I might of course be able to help you. Just get in touch.
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