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The Netherlands


Wilde Weide

An unpasteurized and organic Gouda. Farmstead or Boerkaas as it is called in Dutch. From a farm on an island in a lake in South Holland, southwest of Amsterdam next to Leiden. The lake is called Laeck Zweiland and the isle Zwanburgerpolder. Pale yellow paste. A few holes that are just charming. Quite characteristic taste of nuts and milk – it is always reassuring. Creamy in the mouth as cheeses often are. The cheese is waxed, typically Duych, so cut away the rind. Is both made and aged on the farm. Goes well with fresh country bread, but is very cooking friendly as well. From omelet to pizza or fondue.
To drink: Wilde Weide is a cheese for wine lovers. Preferably, a wine from the Syrah grape and without noticeable oak. Otherwise, whites always go great, in this case French Chardonnay or European Riesling. The more mature the cheese, so also the wine.


Baby Gouda

A tasty tot this. Unpasteurized cow’s milk. Manufactured by Sjaak and Lia Koopman on a farm called Kaasboerderij Koopman located in BP De Weer. It’s just north of Amsterdam, on this sort of peninsula jutting out into the North Sea. On the farm they make 100 kg cheese every day. Sjaak takes care of the 65 cows on the farm and Lia takes care of the cheesemaking. The cheese is firm but with a certain elasticity and a few tiny holes à la Tilsiter (without further comparison). Fine fragrance of milk and a little stuffy cellar and some tulip bulb(!). The rind is musty from a long stay in a moist cellar. Cut it off. The flavor is long and intense, but quite round. Lasting long in the mouth. Good cheese this. Buy an entire cheese, it’s not that big. Decorative as well.
To drink: Much the same as the Wilde Weide above. Personally I would prefer a mature white. Good cheese requires a good wine.

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