It’s a Shame

My wife has been in San Francisco, CA, all week. Returning tomorrow and not allowed to bring back as much as an iota of cheese. It’s a shame. If you travel within EU/EEC you can bring back anything you like of the sort, as long as it does not exceed 10 kilos. That’s a lot of cheese. That’s why so many Norwegians go to Sweden for their grocery shopping. It’s much cheaper there. Having said that; the Swedes go to Denmark, the Danes to Germany and the Germans to Poland for the same reasons. And the Poles? They come to Norway to work. No shopping.

it's a shame
Excellent American cheese, even though it’s pasteurized

Tasting of American cheese

I have known about this trip for a while and had actually planned to arrange a tasting of American cheese and wine when she returns. It was actually my wife, who should bring in the about seven lb of cheese required, that called the authorities to check if it’s legal to do it. Well, it is. Provided that I am registered as an importer, and there is an agreement between the US and the EU about exporting cheese from the US to Europe (no less), and a written statement from each dairy that they actually have an export license allowing them to sell cheese into the EU. All that in place: feel free to bring in cheese.
Customs and VAT apply, og course.
I dropped the whole thing.


It's a shame
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. Pasteurized as well.

I’ll go to the mountain in stead

I will go to the US to taste American cheese. But it is a pity, with so much excellent American cheese around, that it is so difficult to have it brought over. That said, from time to time American cheese appears in delis here in Oslo. Have had Cabot clothbound Cheddar, Jasper Hill’s Bayley Hazen Blue and Harrison, so it’s not that it does not happen. But I cannot rely on perhaps one or two American cheeses appear in Oslo. It has to be more regular that that.

No cheese tasting

So unless someone gets all the licenses required and takes up regular import of American cheese there will be no tasting in Oslo. Arranged by me at least. It’s a shame.

A one fits all American wine with cheese?

Try a Pacific rim Riesling. Generally has a slight sweetness at the end.

Del ostekunnskapen med andre!

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