Purpose – Have you found your Purpose?

Purpose. What’s he at now? Most people are familiar with vision and goals, but purpose? Isn’t that something reserved only for special people this with a higher calling for something? While having a higher calling is absolutely noble and is obviously right for some, finding your specific purpose is very relevant for all of us. When I talk of finding your purpose, I mean finding the reason for your being. It is that thing that provides you with the most satisfaction and fulfilment on a daily basis. So before you can set foot on the path to your dreams, you must find your purpose. The thing that guides you every step of the way through life and fires you up every morning.

Finding your Purpose

Finding your purpose does not simply mean pursuing whatever endeavour that will most quickly fatten your wallet and grow your bank account. Nothing wrong with that though, but it means growing as a person too. It means becoming rich in all aspects of life. That said, your purpose does not have to include getting rich, but making a fair and square living of whatever you do, has never been wrong.
So how can you find your purpose within something cheese related. Because this site is all about cheese, so I call upon anyone concerned with cheese one way or the other. I want you all to be well grounded in everything you do. That way you will also strengthen your endurance. Oftentimes becoming rich is singularly and synonymously perceived as attaining monetary wealth. This is an incredibly misguided and incomplete way of thinking.
Everyone has bills to pay, so if what you plan to do does not somehow take care of your finances, think twice.

A level of commitment

Finding your purpose will give you a level of commitment that allows you to overcome obstacles that you might have otherwise let completely derail you. If you find your purpose, and you have to put a little effort into finding it, the means to achieve your goals will occur to you and keep you headed in the right direction. To find your purpose, if it is not all obvious to you, look back on your life. Are there moments when you were given hints of your purpose? Probably. What moments of joy have you experienced that can be attributed to the fact that you were tapping into your purpose? Have there been moments you have interpreted as being too good to be true? They could all be glimpses into a purposeful life.

So why this article about purpose? I truly believe we all came into this life for a reason. The risk with writing this is that you start looking and quit making good cheese, because that’s not your true calling. That is a risk we both have to take. But if you are already making cheese, I most of all want you to sit down and reflect about why you are making cheese, or otherwise work with cheese. Because when you find out why, well then you have your purpose and things will flow all that much easier. That being said, having found your purpose does not mean there will be no more obstacles, but you have all the more strength fighting them.

Del ostekunnskapen med andre!

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