Happy New Year!

Happy new year
Happy New Year!

We are about to leave the decennium where I created OSTEPERLER. It has been years with ups and downs, more or less according to universal laws.

We are about to enter a new decennium and I am looking forward to what that will bring for OSTEPERLER. I have a certain anticipation it will be good.

From our years in the USA we learned that opportunities most likely emerge from where you least expect it. As sore as you may be for being wrong, all the more pleasing to see other doors opening. This makes the years ahead exciting and I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks to my readers, those who get in touch, attending courses, have bought my book (although it is in Norwegian), dairies and other cheese and business competent people appreciating my knowledge and want to make use of it. You are most appreciated all of you. Without you there would be no OSTEPERLER.

A very happy new year to you all.

Del ostekunnskapen med andre!

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