Did you know?

cropped-Header-tilpasset-cropping.jpgCheese is made from milk, the most common being cow, sheep and goat. But you also have buffalo (Mozzarella) and cheese from yak milk among numerous other varieties. Donkey as well. Further, different manufacturing and aging processes are used to produce the array of cheeses available today. Cheese is made by coagulating or curdling milk, stirring and (in some cases) heating the curd, draining off the whey (the watery part of milk that Norwegians boil into the famous brown cheese or «Geitost»), collecting and pressing the curd, and in some cases, ripening. Cheese can be made from whole, low fat, skimmed or fat-free milk, or combinations of these milks. In the US about one-third of all milk produced each year is used to make cheese.

Not all «cheese» is cheese

Some of the shredded cheese you can buy has added various types of flour, which means it’s not cheese but some other look-a-like product that probably melts well and is intended to give the impression of being cheese.

Salvadore Dali

Did you know that Salvadore Dalí was inspired by melting Camembert when he painted the classicThe Persistence of Memory a.k.a. Melting Clocks

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